YMT (Youth Management Team)

Here at ESTEEM we believe that young adults should play a large part in the planning and running of our charity. Our Management Committee relies on feedback from ESTEEM’s youth team (the YMT – Youth Management Team) to make sure that what we do is in direct response to the needs of young adults. The YMT are an enthusiastic group of 14-26 year old volunteers who are committed to helping ESTEEM in supporting other young adults to make the most of their lives.

The role of the YMT:

Day to day jobs for the team:

Managing the roles of young adults within ESTEEM is important for the progress of our volunteers. The team meet at least once a week to make sure that each young adult who is involved with ESTEEM is achieving what they can from ESTEEM’s opportunities and its networks

When do we meet?

Thursdays from 5-7pm

Meet the team!